Zaramella Argenti offers its collection of silver cutlery and home accessories in sterling silver and in the high-quality massive silver plated.

The quality of the product can be seen in the total invisibility of the soldering seams and in the polishing procedures which make possible the mirror effect on the silver.

We are proud to be of the few who still have a manual production, including polishing and hammered.

The cutlery collections with Zaramella Argenti - Made in Italy - hallmark is recognised as unique and exceptional quality.

There are more than 15 different cutlery patterns, in different finishes: polished, hammered and gold plated.

To make every object even more special, it is possible to customize it by engraving it by hand, making it truly unique and irreplaceable.

Quality, Creativity and Respect for tradition have made Zaramella Argenti an emblem of elegance and prestige all over the world.

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