Zaramella Argenti - Company

The Excellence of the silversmith craft in Padua is the fruit of a centuries-old heritage rooted in the epoch of the mercantile Republic of Venice. 
Since 1948, Zaramella presents a prestigious and wide-ranging line of objects in silver which embody, not only the exclusiveness of hand-craft, but also novel and creative solutions to meet the functional demands of the present. 
The intelligent complicity between technology and tradition has engendered great masterpieces, rigorously respectful of proportions and of the traits of each style. 
By carefully ensuring that each piece is truly functional, silverware now becomes an everyday treasure that is a pleasure to use. 
The English flatware, synonymous of quality and prestige, represents the success of Zaramella Argenti brand during the years.

Zaramella Argenti is a symbol of luxury and elegance
Since its founding, it has been a continuous innovative force and has infused each era with a new art of living.

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